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Training Overview

Althea aims to provide comprehensive service training to the biomedical and imaging technician, enabling them to be effective in maintaining and servicing the instruments. Our philosophy is about giving engineers the power to service equipment, be independent in handling issues and helping improve the outcomes of patient care.

At Althea US, we train you not only on preventive maintenance but also how to handle simple and complex repairs. Our staff has more than 27 years’ experience on biomed and imaging equipment, is able to guide engineers in repairs and on the specific characteristics of the equipment.

Our bespoke training programs – carried out in-house or virtually – keep DI engineers and clinicians up to date with the latest technological innovations, helping improve the safety and efficiency of medical equipment and deliver better patient care.

Dedicated training teams deliver theoretical and practical courses on diagnostic imaging services using real technologies. Our training model is effective as it allows extensive hands-on time on equipment, the classes are organized so that every student has the opportunity to ask questions directly and receive support from the trainer.

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