The Althea Group is a privately held organization. Our Centers of Excellence, workshops, and laboratories span the globe, leveraging the expertise of more than 3,000 engineers, technicians, administrators, and customer service specialists.

Across multiple technologies- from biomedical to advanced diagnostic imagining and radiology. Though just a few years old in the states, Althea has an established global presence to the market space, managing more than 1.4 million medical devices in over 2,700 healthcare facilities across 17 countries. This presence allows us to maximize skill sets and supply chains to improve customer outcomes.

The US Center of Excellence located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, specializes in CT, MRI, XRAY, Injectors, and Disinfection. Our programs consist of Replacement Parts, New and Preowned Equipment, Disinfection, and Contrast Injector training and service.

All the US team knows how challenging and complex are the tasks that technicians face each day, that is the reason why we aim our services to not only support technicians and engineers but to provide consultancy to anticipate future needs and help make the best choices for the healthcare organizations they work at. This coupled with our competitive pricing and quality initiative will allow us to show customers they have made the best choice for their HTM partner