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Diagnostic Imaging Parts

Althea provides maintenance and management services of diagnostic imaging equipment, offering modular and flexible contracts of all major brands across all diagnostic imaging modalities, through our highly specialized and dedicated Center of Excellence, delivered by OEM-qualified engineers.

Althea is a single point of contact for all installed Diagnostic Imaging equipment service needs, regardless of the variety of modalities onsite. Customers have confidence in the reliability of our Diagnostic Imaging services thanks to our deep knowledge of healthcare processes, and our proven ability to help improve radiology workflow and enhance the patient experience. Our commitment is to ensure efficient operation of customer assets for as long as possible while minimizing downtime and whole-life costs, and maximizing hospital investments.

Althea is key supplier of quality parts and deport repair services. Parts and depot repair are provided in 3 levels of support:

  • Transactional: this program offers a pay as you go approach to service where the customer is in complete control of the supply chain. Each part sold from inventory comes with a standard 6 months warranty.
  • Volume Rebates: when partnering with Althea, the more you need the bigger cost effectivness you achieve. Based on the consumption, we will offer a tier rebate program that compliments customer loyalty.
  • Full Parts Program: removing the variance out of budget allows for a more predictive approach to service. 

Diagnostic imaging equipment:

  • CT
  • MRI
  • Surgical C-arms
  • Mammography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Injectors

Delivering tailored offerings

Our wide range of diagnostic imaging services are designed to meet clients’ specific needs and priorities, helping with preliminary planning suit specific setting and ensure high-quality patient care.

Our provided services ensure that devices are installed rapidly and safely, and backed up by unbeatable efficiency during maintenance on-during repair and calibration operation comply with the standards set by the manufacturers.


Our diagnostic imaging services covers the inventory tasks, such as stock-taking, labelling, classification and subsequent updating of the inventory. General archival of user manual.

Safety checks

Checking that equipment safety requirements are maintained over time, particularly in relation to device connectivity to the electricity supply.

Safety checks include practical tests to check the quality of the service provided, with subsequent adjustments and calibration.

Acceptance testing

Technical, administrative and performance-related procedures carried out to comply with your relevant local regulations.

Measuring initial values and parameters for electrical safety, and subsequent monitoring of the equipment. Acceptance testing is the only suitable way to guarantee the safe introduction of a new device in any health or social care facility.

Corrective maintenance

Our on-call team is available in the event of malfunction of DI equipment, rapidly restoring function of the device and helping you achieve maximum service uptime.

Althea’s relationships with the major equipment manufactureres let us deliver a comprehensive service, including training and optimised provision of spare parts.

Preventive maintenance

Althea’s diagnostic imaging services includes preventive maintenance activities, such as checks and calibration carried out, following specific benchmark operating protocols compliant with manufacturers’ instructions and local and international standards.

The operations are scheduled in groups of the same type of equipment, based on their location and availability.


Althea’s scale, international reach and in-depth knowledge of established and emerging healthcare technologies allow us to provide customers with:

  • Targeted advice for any equipment replacement
  • Definition of investment and developments plans
  • Support HTA processes
  • Support for new technology procurement
  • Planning and implementation of technology transfers for single departments or whole hospitals

Other specialist support can be delivered for:

  • quality management system accreditation
  • clinical risk management
  • workflow definition
  • database enrolling


Our bespoke training programs – carried out in-house or virtually – keep DI engineers and clinicians up-to-date with the latest technological innovations, helping improve the safety and efficiency of medical equipment and deliver better patient care.

Dedicated training teams deliver theoretical and practical courses on diagnostic imaging services using real technologies.

Planning and procurement

In keeping your capabilities up-to-date, efficient and effective, our specialist team can also help plan for the renewal of your medical equipment.

They can monitor and report on the need and priorities for replacement due to the

  • age of the equipment
  • compliance with technical and safety standards
  • ability to handle workloads
  • availability of innovative technology that could improve your clinical performance
  • best value for your investment.

Our dedicated procurement teams have expertise, experience and tools as well as relationships with OEMs and vendors that can help you get the best value on new innovative equipment.

Safety checks

Checking that equipment safety requirements are maintained over time, particularly in relation to device connectivity to the electricity supply.

Safety checks include practical tests to check the quality of the service provided, with subsequent adjustments and calibration.

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