Diagnostic Imaging Managed Services

Optimising diagnostic imaging patient services is a challenge faced by all healthcare providers.  Our fully managed service generates cash savings and tax efficiencies, whilst supporting high-quality patient care, and improving staff recruitment and retention.

Diagnostic Imaging

Our Radiology and Cardiology managed services include the following features:

Equipment funding

  • Limited or full asset replacement
  • Capital or charitable contributions accepted
  • Flexible variation process to add or remove assets to meet changing clinical demands

Equipment selection

  • Vendor-neutral advice
  • Output-based spec development
  • Site visit and evaluation co-ordination

Enabling and pre-installation works

  • Vendor-neutral design and planning services
  • Patient/workflow optimisation and support for ISAS accreditation
  • Procedure-level costing

Radiology IT

  • RIS and/or PACS integration

Support staff

  • On-site engineering staff
  • Contractor selection and project management
  • Interim mobile services
  • Completion risk

Managed maintenance

  • Extended hours
  • Life extension and field upgrade programmes
  • Single point-of-contact Customer Care Centre

Clinical consumables

  • Clinical choice
  • Full procurement, inventory management and stock control
  • Automatic re-ordering
  • Clerical and administrative staff
  • Stock controllers
  • Consultancy services
  • Training

Equipment Planning & Procurement

ALTHEA guarantees the informed, vendor-neutral, clinical choice of both equipment and clinical consumables, while always focusing on balancing the best economic and operational value.

As one of the largest buyers of medical equipment in the UK & Ireland we have longstanding relationships with all major and emerging manufacturers, ensuring we are free to provide unbiased advice and consultancy.

In the last 24 months we have advised and co-ordinated the selection of 100+ items of diagnostic imaging equipment including: 7 CT scanners, 15 cardiac catheter laboratories and interventional fluoroscopy suites, 16 mammography units, 8 MRs, 5 linear accelerators, 45 ultrasounds, and 38 x-rays.

Our vendor-independence, scale and expertise allows our customers to select best-of-breed technologies from either a single vendor or a variety of suppliers (whilst maintaining the commercial benefits of a single supplier).

Design, Build & Installation

Providing high-quality equipment on a vendor-independent basis is only one element of our managed service as we also design and build the facility in which equipment operates.

We are distinctive in having a dedicated in-house design and implementation team who will work with your estates and clinical departments to plan and project-manage the installation, commissioning and training on all equipment, as well as associated build works.

In consultation with all stakeholders our in-house team will develop room and facility designs which will optimise patient experience whilst safeguarding their privacy, dignity and safety – all in support of ISAS accreditation.

Room designs will be vendor-neutral ensuring future technology selection is not restricted to a particular vendor.

Once new equipment is installed, the operators will receive unlimited training throughout the equipment’s lifetime.

Non-Clinical, Technical Staff

Non-clinical, technical support staff can be provided or transferred into our managed services to deliver sustainable high-performing customer centric services.

All non-clinical and technical staff transfers will take place under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (TUPE) regulations, of which we have longstanding and successful experience.  All staff provided by ALTHEA or transferred from the hospital will be included in our continuous professional development programme towards optimising service delivery and patient experience.

Your managed service contract can also include provisions for hard and soft facilities management staff.

Clinical Consumables

We manage £20M of clinical consumables, devices, and contrast media every year.  Our bespoke IT infrastructure provides integrated procurement, inventory management and procedure-level costings – optimising stock levels and providing invaluable management data.

If you are looking for an integrated clinical consumable management service within Cardiology, Interventional Radiology or Endoscopy please click here.

IT Systems

Integrating IT systems can take away the burden and risk of installing and operating your own IT systems as well as provide cost savings and efficiencies over the life of the service.  We also recognise the need for comprehensive management data and can offer a suite of IT systems from preferred partners to build your level of business intelligence within a managed service – including RIS and PACS.

medavis is an independent software vendor specialising in Radiology and telemedicine solutions and VISUS is a leading vendor of medical image distribution solutions.  Both companies’ solutions are complementary and therefore tightly integrated, with combined solutions installed at more than 150 locations.

Maintenance & Engineering

Choosing ALTHEA as your strategic partner for the provision of managed services will reduce equipment’s unplanned downtime and extend its operational life.  Flexible services are available 7-days a week with a choice of cover levels all managed by our single point-of-contact Customer Care Centre.  For further information on our maintenance capability please click here.

For more information and guidance regarding Radiology or Cardiology managed services please contact 0118 900 8100.