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Helping those less fortunate

Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our company the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves, because with each purchase...
7th November 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea’s Consumable Service supports Glenfield Hospital to become one of first UK centres to offer WATCHMAN FLX™ heart implant

“The WATCHMAN device has been implanted in more than 90,000 patients worldwide and we are pleased that this next-generation technology..."
6th November 2019/by bigbrandideas

Pioneering consumable management service enhances patient safety and traceability

“This system can track an exact product to a particular patient, which enhances patient safety. We also benefit from the system updating..."
9th October 2019/by bigbrandideas

Whittington Health NHS Trust unveils £4m state-of-the-art Radiology department

“The refurbishment of our Imaging Department together with all of the new and more advanced technology which Althea has installed..."
11th September 2019/by bigbrandideas

Lifesaving chest compression and defibrillators introduced at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Althea are working alongside North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust to commission and install 55 new defibrillators and the LUCAS device...
6th September 2019/by bigbrandideas

Progression through training – spotlight on Peterborough

At Althea we are passionate about supporting our staff through internal and external training as a way of investing in the future of our people...
29th July 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea installs two state-of-the-art 3D mammography units at Derby Hospital

Lee Chlechowicz, Breast Screening and PACS Clinical Manager, added: “The new pieces of equipment are ergonomically designed and has enhanced..."
20th May 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea installs two state-of-the-art Radiology Equipment at Peterborough City Hospital

“This new FD20 machine is far superior to our previous machine, with very positive feedback from the Radiologists and Clinicians..."
16th May 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea hosts Italian interns at Peterborough City Hospital

As well as learning more about how a UK hospital system works, they have also been able to use and test a variety of machines...
2nd May 2019/by bigbrandideas

Spotlight on Althea’s MR training

Training is a huge part of Althea’s culture. Whether it’s being trained as a new starter or developing skills for a different role...
2nd May 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea & Samsung Complete Leicester’s Digital Transformation

March 2019 saw the end of CR Radiography at Leicester General Hospital’s (LGH) Radiology Department...
26th April 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea installs ‘first of its kind’ Cone Beam CT Scanner at University Hospitals of Leicester

Colin Ross, Radiology Site Manager, said “Before the CS9600, we were using the CS9300. We really liked the CS9300, but the CS9600 has many advantages..."
13th March 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea and Samsung Collaborate to Benefit X-ray Services in Leicester

"The installation of our second Samsung room went very smoothly and we have seen huge benefits to our patients from the transition..."
8th February 2019/by bigbrandideas

Integrated Technology and Smart Innovation

With the NHS facing a growing financial crisis, Althea has once again attracted press attention for the innovative cost-saving measures it offers hospitals.
17th January 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea out and about

Last year Althea attended a host of medical conferences in the UK and overseas. These included technology events such as...
16th January 2019/by bigbrandideas

Asia watches Althea’s equipment in action

The procedure, which was carried out using an array of Althea’s CT, MRI and ultrasound scanners, was transmitted live from the cardiac catheter lab at Glenfield Hospital.
16th January 2019/by bigbrandideas

Althea proud to sponsor UHL Caring at its Best Awards for fourth year running

The awards recognise and reward Trust staff who are inspirational and committed to colleagues and their patients. The event included awards for: ‘We treat people how we would like to be treated’...
3rd October 2018/by bigbrandideas

Blog: David Rolfe on Althea becoming world’s largest, independent managed service healthcare provider

“It’s an honour to announce that following the recent acquisition and integration of TBS, Althea has now become the world’s largest, independent managed service provider..."
14th August 2018/by bigbrandideas

Althea’s biomed merger ensures position as world’s largest independent hospital service provider

“We offer hospitals efficiency and flexibility. We have the healthcare knowledge, clinical expertise, and technical excellence to offer healthcare providers..."
1st August 2018/by bigbrandideas

Improving patient experience at Peterborough City Hospital

The department expansion which was facilitated by North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust’s 35 year Althea managed equipment service added an additional linear accelerator which is...
1st March 2018/by bigbrandideas

Tenth Althea managed service contract signed with Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

“Thanks to this new partnership, we will be able to create much-needed additional capacity, along with reinforced confidence in our ability to continue to provide a high-quality imaging service. With a..."
1st January 2018/by bigbrandideas

Althea changes UK market as the new world-class independent provider

"Asteral, MESA, and TBS have been pioneering in the UK & Ireland for over 15 years.  Now, as Althea, we have the capability and infrastructure to support clinical teams across all..."
6th December 2017/by bigbrandideas

Althea proud to sponsor UHL Caring at its Best Awards for second year

The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust ‘Caring at its Best Awards’ recognise and reward Trust staff who are inspirational and committed to colleagues and their patients...
11th September 2017/by bigbrandideas

Leicester’s new hybrid theatre and vascular move

“This new investment in a hybrid theatre will enhance the care given to patients and will allow treatment of complex cardiovascular disease to be undertaken in a state-of-the-art operating theatre..."
1st September 2017/by bigbrandideas

Althea and UHL celebrate 10 years of managed service contract

“The flexibility Althea has shown to accommodate these innovations and improvements at our hospitals has been second to none. The ability to adapt every aspect of the managed equipment service..."
4th August 2017/by bigbrandideas

Althea acquires TBS Group, a European leading provider of clinical engineering integrated solutions

“The new partner will allow TBS to carry on its industrial growth and innovation development being part of an outstanding group to which TBS will contribute with its distinctive competences..."
1st August 2017/by bigbrandideas

New managed service contract with Epsom & St. Helier University NHS Trust

“To have our Radiology capital plan agreed for the next seven years is a massive benefit and one which allows our Radiology staff to plan equipment evaluations and installations in advance..."
1st July 2017/by bigbrandideas

Althea proudly sponsors the RAD Magazine Foundation Golf Day 2017

Continuing our proud tradition of supporting the RAD Magazine Foundation who are this year raising money for The British Heart Foundation, six members of staff attended this year’s...
30th June 2017/by bigbrandideas

Two of three new radiotherapy systems now in at the Royal Derby Hospital

“The machines have made a huge difference to us. They have in-built technology to provide imaging during the treatment, which means we can provide much more targeted treatment..."
19th May 2017/by bigbrandideas

Althea delivers UK-first for UHL’s imaging department

“This project is a culmination of months of hard work by a team of experts collaborating from across different parts of Europe. It’s a very innovative approach to increase our capacity and many..."
13th February 2017/by bigbrandideas

David Rolfe appointed CEO of Althea in the UK & Ireland

“I am excited to be joining an excellent team who care passionately about delivering the most effective and efficient technology management services to hospitals, ultimately for the benefit of patients..."
1st February 2017/by bigbrandideas

New maintenance contract now live at Hampshire Hospitals

“We are really excited about welcoming a local NHS customer. We look forward to a growing partnership and hope to be able to offer our great services for more of the Trust’s assets..."
1st November 2016/by bigbrandideas

Althea nominates Stockport for the NW Excellence in Supply Awards 2016

The multi-year contract with Althea as a single managed service provider has saved the Trust in excess of £140K since 2012. More recently, Stockport’s team has collaborated to develop a payment mechanism...
21st October 2016/by bigbrandideas

Heart Rhythm Congress 2016

"When you have first-hand experience of working in this field, you understand the requirements in a hospital environment which is why Althea’s Cardiology managed service has been developed..."
14th October 2016/by bigbrandideas

Althea installs first of four new DR rooms in Leicester

“This is an exhilarating time to be installing new pioneering digital x-ray equipment. Any new advances in technology that can help with RSI and improve diagnostic quality to provide the best for our patients..."
3rd October 2016/by bigbrandideas

Althea’s new clinical consumable management service

"Althea has made our clinical services more efficient and more sustainable. They have improved the quality of our management data and significantly reduced our costs without compromising on quality...”
2nd October 2016/by bigbrandideas

Althea proud to sponsor UHL Caring at its Best Awards

The prestigious event was attended by almost 500 staff, volunteers and supporters and recognises and reward Trust staff who are inspirational and committed to colleagues and their patients...
1st October 2016/by bigbrandideas

New pharmacy robot at UHL

“The ability to update and refresh our automated dispensing system through the Althea contract has enabled us to install and utilise the latest technology in order to continue to meet dispensing demands..."
29th August 2016/by bigbrandideas

Royal Berkshire signs multi-year maintenance contract with Althea

“It’s great to have a partnership with our local NHS Trust who deliver healthcare to the majority of our own employees and families.  We are building a strong relationship in order to support..."
28th August 2016/by bigbrandideas

Higèa announces the acquisition of 80% of Biomedicale S.r.l.

“An operation in line with the strategies for the growth of Higèa and Althea that will allow us to strengthen our biomedical integrated services, and, thanks to our know-how, to develop the..."
29th July 2016/by bigbrandideas

HFMA Provider Conference 2016

“Trusts will need to procure capital assets more efficiently, consider alternative methods of securing assets such as managed equipment services, maximize disposals and extend asset lives...”
11th July 2016/by bigbrandideas

UKRC 2016

Delegates attending UKRC at Liverpool’s ACC visited Stand 61 to enjoy a coffee and talk to our sales team about managed equipment and maintenance services. The show attracted 2,044...
13th June 2016/by bigbrandideas

New ultrasounds installed at UHL

Throughout the vendor-neutral selection process Althea has organised a number of demonstrations from across the supplier base.  The Trust was able to evaluate the range of equipment...
1st April 2016/by bigbrandideas

New managed service contract with Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“We are delighted that the managed equipment service has now gone live and that staff and patients are benefitting from the investment in new technology - an investment made possible..."
14th January 2016/by bigbrandideas

New mobile breast units improve services for Derbyshire women

"The digital image will be produced straight away, which will make things easier for the radiographers, and better for the patient, as they won’t have to wait around. The technology means..."
14th January 2016/by bigbrandideas

Whittington’s managed service 10-year anniversary

"We are all delighted with the new department. Working in such a modern and spacious environment with state-of-the-art equipment enables us to offer the best possible service to our patients..."
11th January 2016/by bigbrandideas

Althea’s Design & Technology team present at Innovation Day

Through our partnership, Whittington Hospital was one of the first sites in the UK to install DR equipment throughout all diagnostic imaging modalities, and continues to benefit from...
20th November 2015/by bigbrandideas

Peterborough City Hospital’s Amazon Children’s Charity Ball

The proceeds from the Amazon Children’s Charity Ball will go towards improving patient experience and providing home-from-home comforts within the children’s environment at Peterborough...
16th November 2015/by bigbrandideas

5 years of Peterborough City Hospital

A number of activities took place throughout the day, including a giant game of Operation, lessons in taking blood, and children were encouraged to bring their teddies to the teddy bear clinic...
30th October 2015/by bigbrandideas

Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals Celebrating our Hospital Heroes Awards

The awards, as voted for by the Trust, formally recognise and reward Trust staff who go the extra mile for their patients, providing exceptional care and dedication to duty. The categories...
19th October 2015/by bigbrandideas

Althea acquires IBSL, a leading provider of clinical engineering services

The acquisition of IBSL strengthens Althea’s position as a leading independent pan-European healthcare provider of complete managed solutions for the lifecycle of medical technologies...
29th July 2015/by bigbrandideas

Stockport renews maintenance contract

"Our range of services delivers measurable cost and efficiency savings for the management and maintenance of critical medical equipment. Hospitals are able to make significant savings..."
22nd June 2015/by bigbrandideas

Althea continues geographic expansion with acquisition of Sigil in France

"Sigil has for many years offered an independent solution for imaging services that is unique for our customers in France and explains the loyalty we have received from them.  We value professionalism..."
21st June 2015/by bigbrandideas
Three nurses walking down a corridor - Asteral

New maintenance contract goes live at Doncaster & Bassetlaw

"The approach of having different cover levels and maintenance providers all under one contract means that we have been able to tailor the service to our needs. Having worked with Althea...”
1st June 2015/by bigbrandideas
Chesterfield Royal Hospital - Asteral

New maintenance service at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

"Althea’s offer gave us some invaluable options.  Althea’s pricing structure allowed us to pick and choose the cover levels for each item of equipment, ensuring a bespoke offer that meets clinical..."
17th February 2015/by bigbrandideas
Lloyd Stewart, Dr Ram Vaidhyanath, Colin Ross and Tony Hulbert standing with a CT machine - Asteral

Althea procures new cone beam CT for Leicester

The new scanner is capable of performing CT scans of the head and jaw much faster than a regular CT and gives a lower dose of radiation: Althea can procure a wide range of equipment...
22nd January 2015/by bigbrandideas
Spintech logo - Asteral

Althea expands geographic footprint with acquisition of Spintech in Turkey

"We share with our new colleagues in Althea the values and passion of putting quality and our customers first, and we are excited to have the opportunity to support their ISO 13485 certified service..."
1st December 2014/by bigbrandideas

Althea continues European expansion with acquisition of MVS

"We share a common culture and passion for serving customers with the highest quality diagnostic imaging solutions, underpinned by the entrepreneurship and innovation that defines..."
15th September 2014/by bigbrandideas
MESA logo - Asteral

Asteral and MESA merger

"The new Group will use its market scale and insight to leverage value for money, create new operational efficiencies and drive service innovations as we continue to seek to improve patient care..."
1st August 2014/by bigbrandideas
HSJ logo - Asteral

UHL shortlisted for HSJ Value in Healthcare Awards

"We are delighted to have supported UHL’s Imaging Department and are thrilled that their hard work is being recognised.  The new technology means that the Trust and its staff are providing..."
28th July 2014/by bigbrandideas
MRI scanner - Asteral

Althea completes largest installation of MR and CT equipment in a single NHS Trust

"We have delivered the same level of clinical service throughout and we are indebted to the staff and patients for their understanding and flexibility during this time.  We are delighted..."
2nd July 2014/by bigbrandideas

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals renews maintenance contract

"Our range of services delivers measurable cost and efficiency savings for the management and maintenance of critical medical equipment.  Hospitals are able to make vital savings on their non-pay..."
25th June 2014/by bigbrandideas

Althea awarded N3 accreditation for remote diagnostics

"This accreditation is another significant step forward for us and our customers, as we strive to offer genuine alternatives and enhanced levels of service to existing and new customers..."
11th March 2014/by bigbrandideas

Delivering the balance of quality and cost savings within the NHS

"Althea's current range of services is proven to achieve the right balance between delivering high quality services and meeting financial targets.  Althea offers robust, unbiased support..."
26th February 2014/by bigbrandideas

Althea awarded place on new medical maintenance framework

"The NOE CPC Medical Equipment Maintenance Framework shows the growing appeal of multi-vendor maintenance services in the marketplace as a way to secure cash-savings for NHS Trusts..."
16th January 2014/by bigbrandideas
Hillingdon hospital - Asteral

Althea’s solutions can help drive down NHS procurement costs

"We understand the challenges that Trusts are facing in the new NHS economy which is why we created a portfolio of highly-focused solutions that aim to address the current clinical and financial..."
17th July 2013/by bigbrandideas

Maintenance service for The Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

"As the NHS evolves there is a genuine opportunity for Trusts to re-evaluate how they manage and maintain medical equipment. By bringing together existing maintenance contracts into a single..."
20th August 2012/by bigbrandideas

Althea obtains wholesale dealer’s licence for the supply of contrast media

"Not only is it further proof that we are a responsible business capable of managing the most complex of consumables, but it also demonstrates our hard work and commitment to meet the needs..."
3rd April 2012/by bigbrandideas
Breast cancer screening vehicle - Asteral

Althea transforms digital mammogram capabilities for UHL

"We are delighted about this extension of the MES contract which has resulted in a fully digital breast screening service across the region. Our staff have worked well together throughout..."
16th November 2010/by bigbrandideas