Equipment Sales & Rentals overview

Althea’s ISO13485-accredited pre-owned equipment sales and rental service and UK Centre of Excellence allows us to provide a cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment – from remarketed endoscopes to CT scanners; ultrasound probes to MR coils.  We will also maximise the value of your redundant technology by offering market-leading prices and full equipment de-installation services.

We understand the pressure that every hospital faces to generate income and find alternative solutions to buying new equipment. We can therefore purchase your old equipment to maximise its residual value as well as provide new or remarketed equipment and spare parts through our ISO-accredited services.

We recognise the importance of ongoing investment to maintain an up to date equipment rental service and we are always exploring the market for opportunities to purchase diagnostic imaging, endoscopy and biomed systems.

Our service delivers strong financial returns and removes the complexity and risk associated with the disposal of redundant medical equipment. Outside of our rental fleet, we have established the experience and contacts required to generate resale prices above the market average – ensuring you generate maximum return on your redundant equipment, without any retained liability.

For more information:

For more information on selling your endoscopy or biomed equipment or for all equipment rental enquiries please contact our Endoscopy Project and Product Development Managert on +44 (0) 7798 704257 or write at [email protected] For more information on selling your diagnostic imaging equipment or for all equipment rental enquiries please contact our Remarketing Manager on +44 (0) 7802 716584 or write at [email protected]

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