Diagnostic imaging equipment sales and rentals

We offer a wide selection of dependable refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment to buy or rent including CT scanners, MR scanners, ultrasounds, mobile x-rays, MR coils and ultrasound probes.

All our diagnostic imaging equipment, available to buy or rent, is in a like-new condition. Each items goes through broad and detailed inspections and upgrades at our ISO13485-certificated Centres of Excellence until all quality standards and manufacturer specifications are met.

All refurbished equipment comes with a full warranty and a range of service support options.

Buying your secondhand diagnostic imaging equipment

Although Althea’s multi-vendor maintenance team can safely extend the life of diagnostic imaging equipment, there will be a point when equipment is no longer clinically appropriate and needs to be replaced. Some hospitals still send their obsolete diagnostic imaging equipment to auction houses, or even pay for the equipment to be de-installed, without realising its true value on the global market.

Althea will buy your diagnostic imaging equipment for price above the UK market average – leveraging our global list of remarketing contacts to maximize your returns. Unlike auction houses, we can provide guaranteed buy prices for the future to support business case development. Futhermore, Althea will purchase your redundant equipment outright, so the hospital retains no future liability for the asset and the risk of re-sale lies with us.

For more information on selling your diagnostic imaging equipment and for all rental enquiries, please contact our Remarketing Manager on +44 (0) 7802 716 584.

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