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Healthcare providers are facing unprecedented demand that continues to outstrip current and planned increases in funding. This places a premium on finding better ways to treat patients and optimise patient services. A managed service allows hospitals to invest in affordable and effective facilities but, in order to maximise efficiencies and savings, we have developed a fully integrated clinical consumable management service.

Althea manages more than £20M of clinical consumables, devices, contrast media and operational consumables every year. Althea’s consumables management service forms part of an outsourced managed service can save NHS, HSE and private hospitals up to 30% on their clinical consumable and device expenditure on a vendor-neutral basis. Our bespoke IT infrastructure provides integrated procurement, inventory management and procedure-level costings data – optimising stock levels and providing invaluable management data to Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, and Endoscopy clinical services. 

As a GS1-registered company with a fully integrated track-and-trace process complying with all Scan4Safety criteria, Althea has proven capability and capacity to deliver safe, efficient, and patient-focused consumable management service. Our robust and resilient service ensures that high-quality clinical consumables and devices are provided to labs, suites, theatres and rooms in the right quantities at the right time – traced from origin to patient. This enables clinical teams to deliver safe, compliant, sustainable, and patient-centric services.

Our partner inventory management systems are ISO9001-certificated, GS1-accredited and CfMD-certified. Additionally, our service allows optional access to paperless device management system which provides a complete data, management and reporting system for the registration and remote monitoring of pacemakers, ICDs and loop recorders.

Our partner device management system is ISO9001- and ISO13485-certificated too.

Both IT systems are cloud-based and are provided by Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 9 Framework-approved suppliers and can be securely accessed via the Health & Social Care Network, formerly known as N3, with which Althea is accredited.

The consumable management service includes full-time on-site stock management staff as well as complete inventory management system that ensures there is zero stock obsolescence and reduce customer staff overheads. As consumables or devices are ordered, a synchronous order for replacement stock is automatically generated and the associated cost assigned to a customers’ patient-level costing system to increase efficiency and eliminate stock obsolescence.

Althea’s consumable management service and savings at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

In 2015 Althea launched its innovative consumables management service as a variation to University Hospitals of Leicester’s (UHL) existing managed service. Althea now manages all clinical consumables and devices across 11 interventional catheter and hybrid laboratories with the following financial savings and operational efficiencies:

  • £2M reduction in stock holding without impacting clinical service
  • £60K per annum saved through a reduction in stock obsolescence
  • 500+ clinical hours saved per annum through efficient stock reconciliation
  • 900+ clinical hours saved per annum through the introduction of procedure packs
  • 3,600+ staff hours saved per annum through automated order process
  • 1,600+ hours saved per annum through specialised PO management
  • £30K one-off saving made by moving stock to alternate sites to prevent obsolescence
  • real-time device consumption records
  • reduced re-implantation rates through device lifetime tracking 

Althea’s consumable management service encourages providers to explore latest technologies, new products, and participate in clinical trials. Significant customer innovations delivered through the service at UHL include:

  • introduction of leadless pacemakers
  • first in the UK and Ireland performing Topera® FIRMap® procedures
  • one of three UK sites performing Acutus Medical AcQMap™
  • first site in Europe to perform robotic ablation
  • limited release site for Biosense Webster Carto® nMarQ®, Thermocool SmartTouch® SF, and St Jude Medical EnSite™ Precision
  • nurse-led implantation of diagnostic devices
  • paperless integrated device management system
  • all cardiac interventional labs have access to integrated OCT co-registration

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