Endoscopy Consumables

With growing demand and a higher ‘best practice’ tariff now is the perfect time for Endoscopy departments to use an integrated consumable management service as a way of releasing cash that can be used to fund the re-design of decontamination facilities and the procurement of new scopes, camera stacks and cleaning equipment.


With Endoscopy departments spending up to £5M per annum on clinical and operational consumables we provide hospitals with the opportunity to reclaim the VAT as part of our integrated consumable management service resulting in savings of up to 15%.  These savings can be an enabler for re-investment in improved service capacity to meet growing demand.

Our operating mechanism includes significant investment in stock management IT systems and an on-site staff resource in order to deliver cost controls, eliminate stock out events and stock loss.  The service will reduce non-clinical activities for the clinical teams in the areas of stock management and re-ordering, while ensuring they retain full control over the selection and choice of consumables.

For more information and guidance regarding Endoscopy clinical and operational consumables please contact 0118 900 8100.