Clinical Consumables

ALTHEA manages £20M of clinical consumables, devices, and contrast media every year.  Our bespoke IT infrastructure provides integrated procurement, inventory management and procedure-level costings – optimising stock levels and providing invaluable management data to Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, and Endoscopy clinical services.

Clinical Consumables

Healthcare providers are facing unprecedented demand which continues to outstrip current and planned increases in funding.  This places a premium on finding better ways to treat patients and optimise patient services.

A managed service allows hospitals to invest in affordable and effective Interventional Radiology, Cardiology and Endoscopy facilities but, in order to maximise efficiencies and savings, we have developed a fully integrated clinical consumable management service.

Key features of our ISO9001-accredited and MHRA licenced consumables management service include:

  • Full clinical choice of consumables
  • Continuous innovation to support better patient outcomes
  • Bespoke management systems for inventory and devices
  • On-site inventory staff

The operational design of our service is focused on delivering an effective and efficient process that will facilitate multiple benefits including:

  • Significant procurement savings and tax efficiencies as part of a broader managed service
  • Stock optimisation with 100% ‘first-pick’ availability
  • Appropriate supplier rationalisation
  • Product and device management (including end of life products);
  • Accurate patient- and procedure-level examination costs.

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How to buy our services

ALTHEA features on a number of UK NHS Frameworks, including NHS Supply Chain, having been appointed onto each after a rigorous OJEU procurement process.


Integrated Technology and Smart Innovation

With the NHS facing a growing financial crisis, Althea has once again attracted press attention for the innovative cost-saving measures it offers hospitals.

Asia watches Althea’s equipment in action

The procedure, which was carried out using an array of Althea’s CT, MRI and ultrasound scanners, was transmitted live from the cardiac catheter lab at Glenfield Hospital.

Althea proud to sponsor UHL Caring at its Best Awards for fourth year running

The awards recognise and reward Trust staff who are inspirational and committed to colleagues and their patients. The event included awards for: ‘We treat people how we would like to be treated’...