Centres of excellence

Althea’s network of diagnostic imaging centres of excellence are located in the USA, the UK, Italy and Poland. These are a key part of our ability to test and repair, stock replacements and spare parts, refurbish and provide professional training for high-end equipment.

Workshops and labs

The support of our 17 specialised workshops and laboratories – located in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, India, and in Essex, UK – are the hubs of our repair and maintenance activities. This ensures the perfect functionality of surgical instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopy equipment, ultrasound probes and homecare devices.


dedicated repair workshops for endoscopy and ultrasound probes including in Southend-On-Sea, Essex

  • fully equipped for maintenance and repair
  • >21,600 endoscopes repaired in 2017 (rigid and flexible)


specialised labs for surgical instruments management in Italy and France

  • quality-certificated and fully-equipped laboratories
  • >180,000 maintenance activities in 2017


specialised labs for the maintenance of tele-healthcare and home care devices in Italy

  • centralised technical laboratories and stocks for customization and optimisation of the home care devices
  • 7 contact centres, of which 2 operational sites H24
  • over 38,000 technical activities at home per year
  • 7 million calls managed per year