Cardiology and Interventional Radiology consumables management service

Our unique consumable management service dovetails clinical choice without compromising research and innovation, and, for public hospitals in England is fully compliant with NHS’ zero-cost model for high-cost tariff excluded devices.

Althea is one of the largest independent buyers of clinical consumables and devices for Cardiology and Interventional Radiology departments in the UK and Ireland, managing a catalogue of over 3,500 clinical consumables and devices sourced from 100+ suppliers in line with our ethos of vendor-independence.

Through our existing customers we have already achieved economies of scale that lead to significant financial on-going savings of up to 30% whilst delivering reliable, efficient, and patient-focused services.

The financial savings generated by the consumables management service are an enabler for re-investment in Cardiology and Interventional Radiology departments – guaranteeing the future replacement of equipment or the addition of new technologies – and at the same time contributing to cost improvement programmes.

Our Cardiology and Interventional consumables management service

Stock Management

Althea’s consumables management service combines cash and efficiency savings. One element of this is achieved through specialist and experience stock management backed up by key performance indicators. This includes:

  • reduced stock holding
  • stock rotation resulting in reduction in stock obsolescence
  • shelving re-organisation resulting in space efficiency
  • range management
  • stock reconciliation
  • procedure pack formation and management
  • consignment stock management/visibility


Althea will provide a single point-of-contact for supplier management and take on all back-office activities linked to the procurement of Cardiology and Interventional Radiology consumables.

Benefits of Althea’s approach include a reduction in delivery changes and a flat service charge reconciled once a year based on actual consumable usage.

Clinical choice and innovation

Clinical choice is the heart of our consumable management service.

We will ensure innovation through vendor-independent selection to provide the very best patient outcomes – providing full patient procedure costing and service transparency.

On-site and remote support resources

Our service requires on-site inventory management staff to be active within a customer’s stock room department on hand to support clinical and decontamination services. 

In addition to on-site staff, we will provide remote support staff based at our head office in Reading (Berkshire) including: healthcare economic specialists, clinical support, procurement, finance, accounts payable and infrastructure.

Inventory management

Our preferred inventory management system will enable on-site and remote office teams to monitor end-to-end consumable management service.

Operationally, our inventory system offers proven and optimal integration with other hospital IT systems and will be configured to manage the full range of general consumables, devices and procedure packs. 

Overall, the systems are designed to minimise administration and the number of non-clinical tasks performed by your clinical team, whilst retaining full, real-time visibility of the inventory. All inventory management activities are backed up by central transaction platform using GHX, a leader in healthcare supply chain management. 

Clinical staff training

Customer clinical teams will have access to unlimited training in the use of the inventory management and device management IT systems throughout the term of the service, including the use of industry-standard handheld scanner/barcode technology.

In addition, an agreed training programme will be delivered for the imaging, haemodynamic and other relevant systems throughout the term of contract.

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