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Althea UK and Ireland – an integrated healthcare technology management company has successfully completed a 19-month innovative project with ELCOM that will see EN-compliant eInvoicing technology being introduced to its customers.
The EURINV19 project is part of a major new cross-border initiative being coordinated by Universitat de València and with LMT Group as technical managers.
Funded by the European Commission, the project aims to update the electronic invoicing cloud platforms of 5 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) providers to become fully compliant with the European eInvoicing standard (EN), and further to implement these solutions in public and private entities during the project’s ‘Action’ phase.
ELCOM’s innovative spend management platform ‘EVOLVE’ has been custom-designed for healthcare and aims to reduce system fragmentation and ease collaboration within organisations. With the innovative eInvoicing solution, public and private organisations can receive e-Invoices from anywhere in the world, all while maintaining and securing compliance with regional and industry standards and regulations worldwide.

As a result of the partnership with ELCOM, Althea is now fully compliant with EN-compliant eInvoicing capabilities. By successfully implementing technology created by ELCOM, the company is now able to receive EN-compliant invoices, translate invoices into different formats with ease, and access real-time reporting of invoices, whilst having the support of ELCOM to integrate the EN compliant eInvoicing service with their existing EVOLVE Purchase to Pay (P2P) / ERP system.

David Rolfe, Althea UK&I Chief Executive Officer, comments: “We are delighted to partner with ELCOM on the EURINV19 project and to be one of the first companies to implement new innovative invoicing solutions which are compliant to European standards.
“At Althea our company ethos has always been built on unlocking the power of technology so we are delighted to be benefiting from this project as it will allow us to provide better care for our customers and streamline our invoicing processes.”

Healthcare is going through a period of unprecedented change as organisations around the world face financial constraints which has led to a relentless focus on cost reduction and process redesign. ELCOM’s pioneering spend management software aims to revolutionise organisations’ by providing a single, complete and seamlessly integrated source to pay solution – helping to save both time and money.

The technology, which is powered by AI, has been approved following a series of mandatory tests as part of the EURINV19 project.

EURINV19 is a transnational consortium composed by 14 participants from 8 different Member States (Sweden, Slovakia, Ireland, Spain, UK, Italy, France and Netherlands). Althea UK & Ireland is participating in the project along with Universitat de València, LMT Group, Elcom, SATA, Trinity College, NetEDI, Generix Group France, Crediflow, Qvalia, Transalis, Easy Systems, Tatra Billing, and Carrefour France.
As a company with a global reach, ELCOM’s technology will help to make Althea available to hundreds of clients around the EU and associated countries.


ELCOM focuses on developing flexible technology to help customers simplify, optimise and energise their Supply Chain. ELCOM optimise organisations’ existing technology and seamlessly integrate their Supply Chain with a process so easy-to-use it guarantees higher supplier adoption. Helping businesses to gain full visibility and control of their payment process.

About the EURINV19 project

The EURINV19 project is concluding this July after 19 months of work that has included the analysis of the technical requirements, the design of the solutions and the performance of the mandatory CEF Conformance Testing and Consortium Interoperability Tests. Partners are now able to process electronic invoices compliant with the European eInvoicing standard (EN 16931) and, therefore, they are contributing to spread the cross-border use of eInvoicing solutions EN compliant around Europe.

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