Biomed Maintenance services

Our ISO13485- and ISO9001-certificated biomed maintenance services are flexible and can be tailored to your needs from planned preventative maintenance only through to full management of your medical devices.

We currently maintain in excess of 130,000 in-service biomedical devices across the UK and Ireland using a computerised maintenance management system to gather asset maintenance history, produce management reports and allow for multi-year replacement planning.

Our biomed maintenance teams offer nationwide cover with more than 90 site-based and field service maintenance engineers.

Our biomed maintenance services

Inventory management

On an on going basis, Althea will asset tag and record all medical equipment in the hospitals’ inventory management system or our own computerised maintenance management system, building a complete asset history from acceptance to final asset retirement.
This activity includes the general archival of user manuals and hospitals staff training records to support CQC accreditation.

Acceptance testingy

Acceptance testing includes the technical, administrative and performance-related procedures required to comply with relevant local and national regulations including the measurement of initial values and parameters for electrical safety, and subsequent monitoring of the equipment.
Acceptance testing is the only suitable way to guarantee the safe introduction of a new device in any health or social care facility.

Preventive maintenance

Althea employs in excess of 140 biomedical technology specialists and support staff in the UK and Ireland delivering planned preventative and reactive maintenance on over 130,000 biomedical devices; supported by a loan fleet of 1,000 devices.

Corrective maintenance

Our field-based and on-site maintenance teams are on-call 24/7/365 in the event of biomedical equipment malfunction – rapidly restoring function of the device and helping you optimise clinical services.
Althea’s relationships with the major biomedical equipment manufacturers let us deliver responsive, comprehensive maintenance services, including training and optimised provision of spare parts.

Safety check

Althea will continuously ensure that equipment safety requirements are maintained over time, particularly in relation to device connectivity to the electricity supply. This includes practical tests to check the quality of the service provided, with subsequent adjustments and calibration.

Disposal and replacement

To ensure your medical technology is fit-for-purpose, and your clinical staff are only working with safe and cost-effective equipment, we apply standardised procedures to evaluate and adjust the expected life cycle of your medical device as appropriate, based on:

Our biomed maintenance teams can monitor and report on the need and priorities for replacement due to the:

  • age of the equipment and expected end-of-life date
  • compliance with technical and safety standards
  • ability to handle workloads
  • availability of innovative technology that could improve your clinical performance, and
  • best value for your investment

All biomed equipment is then disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations.

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