Lloyd Stewart, Dr Ram Vaidhyanath, Colin Ross and Tony Hulbert standing with a CT machine - Asteral

Althea procures new cone beam CT for Leicester

Althea has recently procured and installed a new Carestream CS 9300 cone beam CT (CBCT) for University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL) as a part of its managed service contract.

The new scanner is pictured above with (from left): Lloyd Stewart, Althea Implementation Manager; Dr Ram Vaidhyanath, Consultant Radiologist; Colin Ross, Superintendent Radiographer; and Tony Hulbert, Carestream Head & Neck Imaging Specialist

The new scanner is capable of performing CT scans of the head and jaw much faster than a regular CT and gives a lower dose of radiation: Althea can procure a wide range of equipment for its customers to help Trusts to expand their services.  This scanner will reduce waiting times for those that require head/jaw scans and means that the larger CT scanners are available for other procedures.

The CBCT will also be made available to community dentists, which means that a new form of income has been created for the Trust.

Please visit the following web page for UHL’s video regarding the new machine: http://vimeo.com/channels/796349/113106542