Althea hosts Italian interns at Peterborough City Hospital

Althea are delighted to be hosting two Italian interns at Peterborough City Hospital as part of a four-month work placement at the hospital.

Luca Burla and Lorenzo Serschen came to the UK on the 10th February and will be staying until the 25th June working with the Althea team based on-site.

The medical engineer interns are both studying Biomedical Engineering in Trieste, North East Italy, but wanted to come to the UK to put their knowledge into action within a clinical setting.

Under the guidance of Clinical Equipment Manager Carla Wood, the pair are working to MHRA Management of Medical Device guidelines which is what is expected onsite.

“It’s been great to have them join our team and be able to give them so much diverse training”, said Carla.

“We deliver a full MES contract at Peterborough, covering both biomedical and DI, which means they have had the opportunity to work on a range of equipment. Everything from thermometers to state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment.”

As well as learning more about how a UK hospital system works, they have also been able to use and test a variety of machines, as well as gain vast experience from the wider Althea team.

For example, they have learnt more about the role of the librarian, a position that doesn’t exist in Italy, how they operate and their importance. They have also met with Francesco Capello, an ultrasound engineer that studied on the same course a couple of years ago, who is teaching them about ultrasound scanners and probes.

Luca said: “We are really enjoying our time here in Peterborough and have had the opportunity to check our abilities in a real-life clinical setting. At the beginning it was a little but difficult as we had to learn different work rhythms, culture and language, but now we are settled in we are learning so much from the experience. Thank you to everyone for their kindness and support.”