Why Althea

We have the healthcare knowledge, clinical expertise, and technical excellence to offer healthcare providers industry-leading services that deliver efficiency savings and performance improvements.

Without Compromising Innovation

ALTHEA is a pioneering solutions-driven company committed to ensuring you get the equipment and services that you require, rather than providing what the manufacturers want to sell.

Clinical choice remains at the heart of our service.

This flexibility means that all asset, maintenance and clinical consumable options are available to you, so you can tailor them to the existing and future needs of your hospital.  We will guide you through the options by providing historical performance data, whole-life costs, as well as arranging visits to manufacturer reference sites and other ALTHEA customers.

Unparalleled Governance & Quality Standards

Ensuring patient safety and the quality of equipment provided is our number one priority.  From initial evaluation, through installation and maintenance, and onto end of life disposal; safety and quality is paramount.

Unlike some multi-vendor service providers we have the same quality standards and certification as the manufacturers including:

ISO13485:2016- and ISO9001:2015-certified

ISO13485:2016- and ISO9001:2015-certified medical device quality management system for the installation, maintenance and repair of diagnostic imaging medical devices and relevant spare parts, as well as the sale of refurbished diagnostic imaging medical devices and spare parts.

ISO13485:2012- and ISO9001:2008-certified

ISO13485:2012- and ISO9001:2008-certified medical device quality management system for maintenance and repair of biomedical equipment and endoscopy equipment.

Health & Social Care Network

Health & Social Care Network (N3) accreditation to provide remote diagnostics and integrate with existing hospital IT systems including PLICS


ISO9001:2015-certified quality management system specifically for the provision of managed equipment services, associated training, consumables and asset management

MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence

MHRA Wholesale Dealer’s Licence for the supply of contrast media under the clinical consumables management service


ISO14001-certified environmental management systems


ISO27001-certified information security management system

All quality systems are externally audited on an annual basis and are aligned to CQC, NHSLA, ISAS and JAG standards/requirements in support of clinical service delivery.

Value-added Partnership & Business Case Development

Any service from ALTHEA is built on the premise that it is a partnership that will benefit hospitals and their patients – clinically, operationally and financially – with no bias towards any particular manufacturer or service approach.  People are at the centre of everything we do, be it patients, clinicians, hospital executives or our own staff.

We look for sensible, practical, win-win solutions to all problems.

We use our scale and experience to leverage and deliver high-quality medical technology, maintenance and clinical consumables in order to optimise clinical outcomes, while providing the best possible value at all times.

Our experts are available to support the development of business cases, and we will tailor our services to support the specific needs of local health economies and changes as a result of sustainability and transformation programmes.

Business Intelligence

With over 15 years of performance data on medical equipment in the UK & Ireland, our business intelligence systems ensure that you have accurate and accessible records in which to make informed decisions.

Our state-of-the-art maintenance management systems monitor asset inventories, mobile engineers’ schedules, helpdesk requests, reporting and give customers real-time access via a web portal.

Outside of equipment performance, the IT infrastructure that supports our consumable management service has been developed to provide procurement, inventory management and procedure-level costings for Cardiology and Interventional Radiology departments.

Operational Efficiencies & Significant Financial Savings

Our services are designed to provide cost and service efficiencies, so that hospitals can get more out of their investment in equipment.

A mix of our scale, market insight and technical knowledge can keep prices down for your hospital, whilst transferring operations within a managed service setting means that you can benefit from tax efficiencies.  Our customers save 10-15% compared to other procurement options whilst transferring risk and guaranteeing performance.

Your assets will be optimised to reduce downtime, with experience gained from our significant global portfolio informing decisions about equipment choices.

We are here to help you and your staff deliver a better service for less.  Our services will typically be unseen, behind the scenes.  Patients and staff will know no difference except that they will have up-to-date equipment in the right place working as it should be.

Service Delivery 7-Days a Week and a Single Point-of-Contact

Our Customer Care Centres provide a single point-of-contact for all equipment and service issues 24/7/365.  This helps us ensure equipment uptimes in excess of 99%, maximising your asset utilisation and enhancing patience experience.  Uptimes 1% higher than the industry standard gives you 3 extra days a year of clinical activity per asset to help meet targets.

Our team will be able to access all the relevant information on our bespoke business intelligence systems when you call, meaning that problems can be resolved quickly and planned maintenance can be arranged at times that are most suitable for you.

With only one number to call clinical staff are able to maintain their focus on delivering patient care, rather than contacting multiple suppliers.

Our Belief

Technology is full of promise – better patient outcomes, better operating efficiencies.  The promise of better healthcare.  But technology is full of challenge with the threat of increased cost and complexity.  Technology in healthcare is important, but the management of technology is critical.

Eight leading companies have come together, each with a deeply rooted culture of innovation.  Because this is how technology will fulfil its promise of better healthcare.

Althea employs committed people who understand the unique demands of healthcare as much as they understand technology.  People who understand that technology management needs to be integrated – across multiple vendors, across multiple technologies.  Because technologies work together in healthcare and technology must work when it is needed.  After all, a patient’s health knows no downtime.