How To Buy Our Services

ALTHEA’s services can be accessed through NHS-approved frameworks and OJEU procurement processes, with contract maintenance and rentals (below the OJEU threshold) available by contacting us directly.


We feature on a number of NHS Procurement Frameworks having been appointed onto each after a rigorous OJEU tender process.  Alternatively, following the new Public Contracts Regulations 2015, NHS bodies can access Open, Restricted, Competitive with Negotiation, and Competitive Dialogue procedures.

Where services are below the OJEU threshold – e.g. individual maintenance contracts or equipment rentals – these can be procured directly from us.

For information and guidance regarding buying our Radiology or Cardiology services please contact 0118 900 8100.

For information and guidance regarding buying our Endoscopy or Biomed services please contact 0844 809 4778.