Whittington Health NHS Trust unveils £4m state-of-the-art Radiology department

Althea is delighted to have completed a £4m refurbishment and replacement project at Whittington Health NHS Trust’s (WH) Imaging Department.

The new diagnostic imaging equipment, which was updated and installed over a two-year period, includes 14 ultrasounds, a CT scanner, a fluoroscopy system, 5 digital x-ray rooms, 3 mobile x-ray machines, 1 digital dental x-ray and a mammography unit.

Being vendor independent, Althea was able to source the equipment from a variety of different manufacturers including GE, Canon, Samsung, Siemens, Hologic and Planmeca; choosing each item specifically based on clinicians’ and patients’ needs.

Included within the new equipment is the Nuclear Medicine Department equipped with a state-of-the-art SPECT-CT scanner. This hybrid scanner allows detection of the organ’s functional information using the SPECT camera and precise localisation of relevant areas using the CT scanner. The amalgamation of these two diagnostic tools provide massive improvements in the quality of nuclear medicine images resulting to higher confidence in detecting, localising and in certain examinations, quantifying the degree of pathologic findings.

Also included are 5 new Samsung digital x-ray rooms and 3 mobile systems – all with wireless imaging detectors. They are designed to raise efficiency to a whole new level due to its streamlined operation. The new machines come equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as S-Detector, S-Vue & S-Align, which provides outstanding image quality to enhance patient diagnosis.

The department’s new stitching package has also enhanced the diagnostic process for spinal patients and has provided an added dimension to improve patient management. Through ease of use and automated positioning, patient imaging examination times are reduced allowing a greater volume of patients to be seen in the same time frame.

Also newly installed is a Hologic 3Dimensions mammography unit which provides superior resolution diagnostic breast imaging and High Definition Tomosynthesis, facilitating more accurate diagnosis of smaller breast lesions particularly in dense breast tissue. The Affirm Biopsy package allows biopsies to be performed under tomography guidance, enabling faster and more accurate sampling of micro-calcifications and wire localisation placement.

With all equipment now operational and providing patients with the quality of services they deserve; Althea has shifted its focus to providing service excellence. On the ground, its specialist team ensure ongoing maintenance and training programmes are closely managed, minimising equipment downtime and promoting the use of these new digital technologies to maximum effect.

Helen Taylor, Clinical Director for Acute Patient Access, Clinical Support Services and Women’s Health at Whittington Health NHS Trust said “Everything we do here at Whittington Health is driven by our ambition to provide our patients with outstanding safe, compassionate and innovative care. The refurbishment of our Imaging Department together with all of the new and more advanced technology which Althea has installed is a key example of how we are delivering this vision.”

David Rolfe, UK&I Chief Executive Officer at Althea, said “We have been working with the Trust since 2005 and this is the second time we have completed a refurbishment and replacement project within the Imaging Department.”

“From day one we have worked closely to evaluate the Radiography needs of the Trust and develop a sustainable long-term equipment replacement programme. The partnership guarantees that the Trust’s state-of-the-art equipment will be maintained throughout the lifetime of the contract enabling them to focus solely on patient care.”

The new Radiology Department was formally unveiled at a special open evening on Friday 6th September. Invited guests included local GPs from Haringey and Islington boroughs, Radiology undergraduates, as well as WH’s executive team, staff and Imaging suppliers. Professor Mary Lovegrove OBE, Emeritus Professor of Education and Development for Allied Health Professions was the keynote speaker.

Lifesaving chest compression and defibrillators introduced at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Althea are working alongside North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust to commission and install 55 new defibrillators and the LUCAS device across their MES (Managed Equipment Service) sites.

Althea managed the multidisciplinary selection process resulting in the decision to choose Stryker, purchasing a new LUCAS® Chest Compression System alongside a new fleet of defibrillators.

On completion of full OEM technical and user training the devices were installed in July to ensure the best patient care and safety across all of North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust sites.

The LUCAS Chest Compression System by Stryker provides cardiac arrest high quality chest compressions that are guideline-consistent and for extended periods of time.

The LIFEPAK® 20e Defibrillator/Monitor combines AED functionality with manual capability to quickly and easily deliver advanced therapeutic care. The devices also support the following functions; capnography, pacing, ECG and SP02.

LIFEPAK® 15 Monitor/Defibrillator is designed to be used in hospital areas requiring the most advanced monitoring parameters including; 12 lead ECG, CPR metronome, NIBP and invasive pressures, temperature, SP02 and customisable power options all housed within a tough casing for all conditions and transport.

LIFEPAK® 1000 is an easy to use AED, it has a large screen to provide the intuitive graphics and ECG readings. The device has cprMax™ technology installed which allows compressions to continue during AED charging and minimises CPR interruptions.

The new devices will be connected to the LIFENETsystem which delivers clinical information to care teams, management and engineers to increase efficiency, improve patient care and treatment. The software delivers both immediate care intervention and post event reviews, while helping manage the assets throughout the Trust sites.

David Rolfe, UK&I Chief Executive Officer at Althea, said “We are delighted to be supporting the Trust through the purchase of this important new equipment, with Althea offering technical know-how and support as well decommissioning the old equipment.”