Turnkey projects

Althea acts as a strategic partner for the construction and expansion of new and existing healthcare facilities. Drawing on our long experience of medical technology management, we provide comprehensive solutions for the technological design of healthcare facilities, as well as independent consulting on procurement and maintenance of the entire medical equipment portfolio, to help ensure projects achieve their budget and efficiency targets.

The main areas include:

  • Clinical design & planning
  • Room planning
  • Scheduling
  • Device performance specifications
  • Pricing & procurement
  • Testing, commissioning, training & implementation
  • Compliance & Policies
  • Medical equipment maintenance
  • Operational life cycle replacement
We provide large-scale solutions for specialist medical areas – including operating theatres, endoscopy areas, intensive care units, sterilisation centres, and laboratories – as well as for entire clinics and hospitals, under the auspices of public-private partnerships.

Emerging markets are a key focus area for our turnkey services, including the provision of specialist, non-equipment related solutions for:

  • Emergency electrical systems
  • Specialist isolated power and uninterruptable power supplies to critical areas
  • Specialist air supply systems
  • Medical gas systems
  • Patient call, communication and staff alarm systems
  • Radiological protection systems
  • Clinical waste systems
  • Radioactive element and waste handling
  • Laser protection systems
  • Cleaning systems
  • Instrument reprocessing systems
  • Bariatric patient handling
  • Pathology and mortuary requirements management

Global consulting & contracting

Althea provides turnkey solutions both via independent consulting contracts and as part of global contracts awarded through tenders managed by national and international organisations and financial institutions in emerging markets, typically for the supply of healthcare technology. Global consulting and contracting guarantee the customer financial optimisation:

  • Main contractor for all technology
  • Equipment selection
  • Direct relationship with OEMs
  • Financial management

In recent years, Althea Group companies have been awarded trading, consulting and procurement contracts in Albania, Belize, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Gabon, Guinea, Guyana, Honduras, Jordan, Kosovo, Romania, Swaziland, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vietnam.

Financing solutions

Rising financial pressure and spending review policies challenge healthcare providers in many countries to implement new financial models and instruments to increase both the productivity and quality of care within restrictive budgets.

Althea has comprehensive, tailored, commercial and government-backed financing solutions which can complement your liquidity and capital expenditures when it comes to investing in technology to support your healthcare organisation in applying modern medical equipment. Depending on your needs we can provide operating rentals, short and long term leasing, pay per use, technology as a service, revenue sharing, or client-bespoke financing models.

What you get

  • Comprehensive asset design & management
  • Access to modern technology
  • Financial optimisation
  • Full healthcare process knowledge and project implementantion
  • Direct relations with manufacturers
  • Total vendor independance
  • Long-term international experience

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