A strong partner for every need: Althea stands beside you during every phase of your project. We help you to achieve every clinical, managerial and financial goal.

Whatever you want, Althea is your ideal partner.

Our 30 years’ experience allows us to provide comprehensive support for facilities design. With us you will find an independent consultancy on procurement and maintenance of the entire range of medical devices and equipment.
Althea supports you in every phase: starting from technology choice, to purchase, delivery and equipment installation. We also do integration tests and manage all the startup activities for clinical work.

With Althea you are sure to achieve your budget and efficiency goals, on schedule.

Our services include clinical rooms design and planning according to policies and technical standards. We also take care of medical devices operations, including equipment maintenance and disposal.

We provide design solutions for operating theatres, endoscopy areas, intensive care units, sterilisation centres, and laboratories.

Among our solutions are also included: Emergency electrical systems,
Specialist isolated power and uninterruptable power supplies to critical areas, Specialist air supply systems, Medical gas systems, Patient call, communication and staff alarm systems and much more.

Consulting & contracting at a global scale

Our turnkey solutions can be provided either through independent contracts or through global contracts that are awarded through competitive bidding processes, or managed by national and international financial organizations and institutions in emerging markets around the world.

Global consultancy and contracts of this type guarantee the final customer considerable financial optimization as Althea covers the role of main contractor for all the technology, deals with the selection of equipment, has a direct relationship with OEMs, thus freeing up the client and manages the entire financial aspect.

In recent years, the companies of the Althea Group have been awarded trade, consultancy and procurement contracts in various countries including Albania, Belize, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Gabon, Guinea, Guyana, Honduras, Jordan, Kosovo, Romania, Swaziland, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam.

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