Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Public-private partnership (PPP) is a winning approach for ever-growing requirements of health organisations and one of the most promising models for financing successful healthcare innovations. By combining public needs with private-sector’s technical and financial capacity, Public-private partnerships have enabled to achieve common purposes or to undertake specific tasks, and to share risks, responsibilities, resources, competencies and benefits delivering innovative solutions to numerous healthcare sectors.

The Public-private partnership is a long-term contract between a public-sector authority and a private company, to provide a public asset or service, in which the private party is responsible for design, procurement, financing and maintenance operations assuming substantial financial, technical and operational risk, while benefitting from the potential of shared cost savings and receiving payment for the services provided.

Public entities teams up with the private sector providing the strength of its purchasing power, outlining goals for an optimal health system, and empowering private enterprise to innovate, build, maintain and manage the delivery of services over the term of the contract.

Althea promotes the model of Public-Private Partnership that supports healthcare organisations in their financial and operational requirements on medical asset management. Tailored  business model that positions Althea as a strategic supplier and a long-term partner for value-based care, financial flexibility, organisational efficiency and enhanced business performance. Structured properly, a partnership with Althea guarantees steady overall costs, brings lower risk, enables better investments planning  for innovation and clinical resources, and increases long-term value of provided services.

Althea’s public-private partnership model is featured by:

services offered

  • hospital medical equipment managed on outsourced multivendor service basis
  • renewal of high-end technology
  • technology assessment and procurement
  • value added services (RIS/PACS, operational rental, training, outsourced staffing, etc.)

convenient contract terms and payments

  • broad flexibility on technology and service portfolio definition
  • longer contract duration comparing to standard multivendor service contract
  • a fixed annual service payment based on performance and delivery of all contracted services.

exclusive benefits comparing to standard contracts

  • comprehensive partnership modalities defined between two parties with the scope to resolve all tasks at the outset
  • opportunity to design specific tailored solutions through a single contract
  • share of financial and operational risk
  • confidence on budget, schedule and size of the project
  • engagement of dedicated experts for the complete project support, aligned for long-term results delivery.

What you get

  • Design of specific tailored solutions
  • All time access to modern technology
  • Continuous quality healthcare delivery on long-term basis
  • Financial and technical risk sharing
  • One contract for all technology and services
  • High flexibility of budget funding and investment planning
  • Cost optimization on technology procurement and management
  • Re-marketing of redundant equipment

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