Joining forces to achieve better results: Althea provides effective solutions for both private companies and public-sector authorities. Together everything is possible.

Close cooperation between public and private organizations is one of the most effective ways to finance health innovations.

PPP is a long-term contract between a public-sector authority and a private company for providing a public asset or service. This allows the private party to be responsible for design, procurement, financing and maintenance operations, which inevitably require huge financial resources and operational risks, but allow savings on shared costs.

Public companies, on the other hand, are able to leverage their purchasing power. In this way, private organizations can innovate, build, maintain and manage the delivery of services during the term of the contract.

In this scenario we act as a strategic supplier and long-term partner for quality assistance, financial flexibility, organizational efficiency and improvement of business performance.

A partner who chooses to work with us will be able to establish constant overall costs, reduce risks, and allow better planning of innovation and clinical resources. By doing so, it increases the long-term value of the services provided.

Until today, public-private partnerships have enabled accomplishment of common goals and share risks, responsibilities, resources, skills and benefits by providing innovative solutions to several health sectors.

Althea's public-private partnership model consists of three pillars:

  • Outsourced multivendor management of medical equipment
  • Renewal of high-end technology
  • Technology assessment and procurement
  • Value added services (RIS/PACS, operational rental, training, outsourced staffing, etc.)
  • Flexibility on technology and service range
  • Longer contract duration compared to standard multivendor service contract
  • A fixed annual service payment based on performance and delivery of all contracted services
  • Comprehensive partnership modalities focused on resolving all tasks at the outset
  • Opportunity to design tailored solutions through a single contract

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