Managed Equipment Services

The safe, efficient and effective delivery of patient care is the primary requirement for all healthcare organisations; medical technology plays an ever-increasing role in assisting clinicians and managers in achieving this goal.

Hospital management must weigh investment decisions against potential operational and clinical gain, balancing the need to upgrade and modernise with the necessity to economise. Althea’s Managed Equipment Service (MES) ensures sustainability, scalability, and a high-quality clinical output, supporting an increase in procedure numbers and complexity at a time of economic pressure.

Althea offers comprehensive and flexible support options, which deliver optimal quality of care and financial management. Our long-term integrated medical technology management services include equipment provision, finance, design and installation, maintenance, upgrades and replacements, spare parts and consumables, non-clinical technical support and IT systems, at a fixed monthly or annual service fee.

Working in partnership with you, Althea designs a bespoke and flexible service arrangement that generates whole-life operational cost savings and enhances the patient care experience. 

Althea’s vendor-independence, scale and expertise allows our customers to select best-of-breed technologies from either single or multiple vendors. This independence guarantees the informed, vendor-neutral, clinical choice of both equipment and clinical consumables, whilst focusing on balancing the best economic and operational value.

Althea is distinctive in having a dedicated in-house design and implementation team who will work with your estates and clinical departments to plan and project-manage the installation, commissioning and training on all equipment, as well as associated build works.

In consultation with all stakeholders, our in-house team will develop room and facility designs, which will optimise patient experience whilst safeguarding their privacy, dignity and safety. Room designs will be vendor-neutral ensuring future technology selection is not restricted to a particular vendor.

Choosing Althea as your strategic partner for the provision of Managed Equipment Services (MES) will reduce equipment’s unplanned downtime and extend its operational life.  Flexible services are available with a choice of cover levels all managed by our single point-of-contact Customer Service Centre.

What you get

  • Total vendor independence and choice of equipment
  • Expert and unbiased consultancy on medical technology
  • Full asset management with replacements throughout the life of the contract
  • Better capital planning with full equipment financing
  • Integrated approach to equipment selection, maintenance and consumables
  • Improvements in running costs through processes standardization
  • A single point of contact for all your equipment requirements
  • Higher uptimes through flexible and effective service arrangements
  • Flexibility to adapt the service throughout the contract term
  • Deployment of best-in-class clinical information and integrated IT solutions
  • Risk reduction through an expert and specialist team
  • Improved clinical outcomes with the latest technology

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