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Integrated services

The appropriate deployment of technology contributes to the improvement in the quality of healthcare delivered, the containment of cost, to increased access to services offered by the healthcare system. Over the past decades the complex and changing healthcare environment is highly dependent on different types of medical equipment to complete the diagnosis and to deliver the  treatment and care of patients. To face the tough competition and complex healthcare system it is paramount for hospitals to optimise revenue-cost ratio while extending the life of multiple medical technologies and improving the quality of care.

The model of Althea’s integrated services is focused on customers’ need to achieve improved quality of care and operational excellence. It covers not just single pieces of equipment but the whole installed base of medical technology within the hospital, improving efficiency and workflow. We provide a combined management of hospital assets – biomedical devicesdiagnostic imaging, and home care equipment – bringing multiple vendors and managed equipment agreements into a single, unified contract.

Althea is a trusted partner for the expert management of medical technology enhancing its use through the preventive & corrective maintenance, safety installation, remote monitoring and equipment replacement at all times and in any location to ensure that it is patient-ready and performs as designed. Our integrated service means customers don’t need to think about the planning and management of single devices, multiple contracts and different suppliers, and instead can focus on patient care. We bring best-of-breed management systems, and our quality assurance helps to ensure things are carried out right, on time, and on budget. Simply put, hospital administrators will all be kept informed of each activity in any specific processes.

Learn more about our biomedical technology managementdiagnostic imaging services and home care solutions.

What you get

  • Single point of contact for all medical equipment
  • Ensurance of workflow processes through the management of dedicated IT platform
  • Improved use of medical technology
  • Combined management of biomedical and diagnostic imaging under one unified contract
  • Highly specialised dedicated technical team
  • Enhansed provision of healthcare services
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