An integrated management service for consumables and logistics activities, which allows optimization of clinical activities.

To manage a hospital warehouse in compliance with safety standards, it is necessary to count on trained, highly qualified staff.

Outsourcing management is the best solution for applying the best logistics processes. This model allows the systems checking for storage, distribution, and activity check.

The Althea integrated management service of consumables includes and integrates all logistics activities, warehouses outsourcing, implantable medical devices, prostheses and consumables supply, ensuring supervision and management of the entire supply-chain process.

Our Management Service allows you to:

  • Support and coordinate procurement policies
  • Manage integrated logistics and spaces with a daily point-to-point delivery
  • Provide implantable medical devices and consumables, ensuring product quality at reduced costs
  • Coordinate all suppliers
  • Track the equipment
  • Check devices compliance with industry standards

The integrated medical materials procurement allows the purchasing optimization and affects the stocks management in the healthcare facility. However, this enable healthcare companies to choose their equipment, with an average budget saving of 20%.

Consumables tracking and micrologistics management

The micrologistics service organization is a highl-techhigh-performing solution for a departmental point-to-point management process.

In agreement with the clinical structure in the startup phase, our solutions include therapy trolleys or ward cabinets. We manage the equipment with a barcode, which easily allows the operator to identify drugs or medical devices in an agile way. This integrated system allows you to manage the patient/therapy association and to reorder devices and drugs for the management of future therapies.

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