Patient-first means ensuring the best medical experience even at home: Althea provides state-of-the-art services and equipment for remote care.

Reducing distance and breaking down physical barriers between hospitals and patients is key to improving healthcare.

Our centers operate with cutting-edge technologies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide remote assistance and telematic services.

Althea home care solutions are therefore ideal for elderly, disabled, chronically ill patients and people in other risk categories who cannot be admitted to traditional hospitals.


We monitor the psycho-physical state of the assisted persons, and we install environmental sensors to check flooding, gas, fire, temperature, and absence of motion.


We remotely check (RPM) the physiological parameters of chronically ill patients in pharmacies, day care facilities, assisted living facilities, and homes.


Delivery, management and maintenance of home equipment to simplify daily life and makes the home safer, thanks to connection to an emergency response call center.

Patient Management

Contact centers provide online support for accessing primary care services, such as general practice, pediatricians, home care nurses, or appointment for specialized visits and diagnostic exams.

Why Choose Our Home Care Solutions:

Efficiency and control
High end technology

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