Home Care Solutions

Althea home care solutions enhance the continuity of diagnosis and care between hospitals and the local community, leveraging the most advanced mobile health solutions.

Althea’s own 24/7 specialist centres provide remote care assistance and telematic services, supported by cutting-edge technology. Home care solutions are ideally suited to elderly, disabled and chronically ill patients and persons in other risk categories.

Our services at a glance


Enable emergency response and remote management of suitable forms of care and aid.

  • Social monitoring permits regular checks on the psycho-physical state of assisted persons and helps identify the need for further intervention
  • Environmental monitoring is based on installation of various types of environmental sensors (flooding, gas, fire, temperature, absence of motion)


Althea provides and manages systems and solutions for tele-diagnosis and remote monitoring (RPM) of the physiological parameters of chronically ill patients in different environments (chemists, day care facilities, assisted living facilities, homes).


Delivery, management and maintenance at patient site of a wide range of tools and instruments aimed to simplify daily life and make the home environment safer:

  • Ventilation Therapy (CPAP, Ventilators, Oxygen)
  • Magneto Therapy
  • Medical Aids    

The equipment is always connected to a call centre to activate the appropriate service as needed (GPs, social services, health and social care companies, firefighters, police) using accurate, codified intervention procedures.

Patient Management

Contact centres provide online support for access to primary care services (GP, paediatrician, home care nurses) or bookings for specialised visits and diagnostic tests.

What you get

  • Improved preventive care
  • Reduced hospital admissions
  • Shorter hospitalisation
  • Deferred elderly admission to assisted living residences
  • Decreased number of appointments and diagnostic examinations
  • Reduced treatment costs

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