Endoscopy Equipment solutions

Althea offers a wide range of endoscopy equipment service contracts ranging from basic maintenance through to our fully comprehensive service offering, which includes, loan provision, unlimited returns, door to door collection and delivery, and periodic on-site condition checks, all of which serve to maintain the customer`s asset uptime and availability.
Our flexible contracts can be tailored to meet the customer’s requirements by the selection of multiyear contracts which provide the added benefit of fixed costs with no hidden charges.
Our customers also benefit for regular repair updates to enable them to effectively monitor the progress of any repairs from receipt to dispatch.
Through our network of dedicated specialist workshops across Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, France and Germany, we guarantee a quality-controlled environment for the repair and maintenance of multivendor and multi-product flexible and rigid endoscopes and optic cables every year.
The large stock of loan equipment ensures service continuity and 100% uptime offering a valuable alternative to manufacturers’ solutions.

Our capability is further enhanced by the provision of a wide range of competitively priced rental equipment to support customers during busy periods or when budget for new equipment is not yet available, without the immediate need for capital investment.

Althea also provides pre-owned endoscopy equipment as cost effective alternative to new equipment.

All pre-owned endoscopy equipment is subjected to rigorous refurbishing and testing procedures and supplied with a warranty offering customers maximum protection.
In addition Althea’s highly experienced endoscopy support specialists provide training, guidance and support with manual cleaning, automated reprocessing, endoscope construction and compliance with sector requirements, all of which is focused on repair prevention and asset uptime.

Althea’s endoscopy workshops can also offer the following services:

  • fully comprehensive service contracts for flexible endoscopes and electro-medical devices
  • unlimited repairs within the contract period
  • full optical & mechanical repairs for large and small diameter flexible video/fiber scopes 
  • full optical and mechanical repair of rigid telescopes and video laparoscopes
  • maintenance and repair of devices deemed obsolete or discontinued by the original equipment manufacturer
  • on-site condition check of customer assets
  • repair of fiberoptic light cables
  • routine reporting on service delivery in support of asset uptime

Our offer is extended with:

  • supply of pre-owned endoscopy equipment and accessories
  • upgrade of the technology and instruments installed in endoscopy departments.

Ultrasound probe repair

Complementing the endoscopy equipment service is our probe repair service, offering customers the benefit of our specialist expertise in ultrasound systems, including repair of electrical, mechanical and acoustic elements. The workshop activities on ultrasound probes are based on the FirstCall system. This portable, high-speed testing system measures the relevant acoustic and electrical parameters for most probes produced by the leading manufacturers. This test system provides the repeatable and quantifiable data required to determine objectively whether an ultrasound transducer is working correctly, both for acceptance testing and periodic testing.

Althea offers the following ultrasound probe repair services:

  • free assessment of the performance and safety of standard ultrasound probes
  • repairs organised in stages
  • supply of temporary replacement ultrasound probes
  • sales of new, guaranteed, compatible and pre-owned ultrasound probes
  • repair of TOE ultrasound probes
  • assessment of TOE ultrasound probes on request.

What you get

  • Highly cost-effective alternative to manufacturers
  • Customised maintenance service
  • Compliance with relevant local laws and the requirements of quality management systems
  • Short-notice delivery
  • Extended loan fleet
  • Assurance of sustainability, scalability and high-quality clinical output

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