Pantheon Healthcare Group today announces that it is unifying all its operations under a single brand – Althea.

Althea is already the pan-European leader in the provision of services including the maintenance, management, finance of medical technology and the selling of remarketed equipment. Althea’s ambition is to become one of the world’s leading independent providers of healthcare technology management services.

The new group is being created from the union of eight leading companies in hospital technology services:

  • Asteral, is a UK based company focusing in the management of equipment services, including financing models.
  • MESA, MVS, Spintech and Sigil are multi-vendor service providers for digital imaging systems.
  • TBS and Higea are two of the largest onsite outsourcing services providers in medical technologies in Europe.
  • ESA refurbishes digital imaging systems in the US market.

These companies were brought together by Pantheon over the last three years and are being integrated into a single operating structure under a single management team. Within the new group, four Centers of Excellence have been established in Milan (Italy), Nashville (US), Theale (UK) and Mikołów (Poland). These sites provide the group with training, laboratories and testing centers which makes Althea a unique player in the market.

Through this combination, Althea is able to offer an increasingly integrated service to hospitals, clinics and health centers enabling them to outsource the management of their portfolio of medical equipment. By being independent, Althea is able to help customers use technology more efficiently by breaking-down barriers that exist between vendors and technologies. Althea will focus on its breadth and quality of service, freeing its customers to focus on patient care.

Following the most recent acquisition of TBS in July’17 now the Group’s annual revenue exceeds €400 million, managing over 1.4 million devices in more than 1,700 healthcare facilities with over 3,000 employees.


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