Starting from your needs, we manage your entire installed base and support you in maintenance and training. Althea stands beside you for every management phase of biomedical technologies.

Althea stands as a single reference for management of biomedical devices.
In order to satisfy every customer, we offer a wide range of specific services: we aim to provide a flexible and tailor-made partnership for all need.

Thanks to the staff’s competence and expertise, Althea’s biomedical services always ensure high efficiency for all equipment: endoscopes and ultrasound probes, surgical instruments, anesthesia and ventilation machines, medical aids and home care tools. In order to ensure the best functioning of each device, we manage your technology by a constant equipment monitoring thanks to our dedicated software.

Our services: an overview

Consultancy and training

A full technical and design consultancy, for the entire life cycle of your healthcare industries, and theoretical and practical courses on the latest medical innovations.

Planning and procurement

Biomedical technologies renewal, designed according to needs and priorities in order to improve your clinical and financial performance.

Inventory and GeoLocation

Stock-taking, labelling, classification and subsequent updating of the inventory. General archival of user manuals.

Tests and checks

Check that all equipment is compliant with technical, administrative and performance-related procedures standards in order to ensure efficiency and safety.


Medical equipment maintenance of both preventive and corrective, to comply with quality standards and restore the device functionality.

Disposal and replacement

Evaluation of expected medical devices life cycle, based on safety standards, technical quality, maintenance costs and manufacturer’s recommendations.

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