Biomedical technology services

Althea offers a full range of integrated solutions for the outsourced multivendor maintenance and repair of all biomedical technology, from single to multiple technologies. The biomedical services are provided individually or as part of an integrated service, offering exceptional flexibility and modularity to meet users’ diverse needs.

Althea can act as single point of reference for managing the whole installed base of biomedical technology. We establish on-site workshops, with permanent biomedical and technical staff, assure prompt interventions in the event of unplanned repairs, to reduce unexpected equipment downtime and maximise operational productivity.

Certified calibration and quality monitoring ensure first-rate performance indicators, to guarantee safe and efficient delivery of maintenance services, as you would expect them.

Althea biomedical technology services can be extended to all equipment such as endoscopes and ultrasound probes, surgical instruments, anaesthesia and ventilation machines, medical aids and homecare instruments.

Our services at a glance:


Stock-taking, labelling, classification and subsequent updating of the inventory. General archival of user manuals.

Acceptance testingy

Technical, administrative and performance-related procedures carried out to comply with your relevant local regulations.

Corrective maintenance

Our on-call team is available in the event of malfunction of biomedical technologies, rapidly restoring function of the device and helping you achieve maximum service uptime.

Althea’s relationships with the major biomedical equipment manufacturers let us deliver a comprehensive service, including training and optimised provision of spare parts.

Preventive maintenance

Checks and calibration carried out, following specific benchmark operating protocols compliant with manufacturers’ instructions and local and international standards.

The operations are scheduled in groups of the same type of equipment, based on their location and availability.


Althea’s scale, international reach and in-depth knowledge of established and emerging biomedical technologies allows us to provide customers with:
  • Targeted advice for any equipment replacement
  • Definition of investment and development plans
  • Support for HTA processes
  • Support for new technology procurement
  • Planning and implementation of technology transfers for single departments or whole hospitals

Other specialist support can be delivered for:

  • quality management system accreditation
  • clinical risk management
  • workflow definition
  • database enrolling


Our bespoke training programs – carried out in-house or virtually – keep biomedical engineers and clinicians up-to-date with the latest biomedical technological innovations, helping improve the safety and efficiency of medical equipment and deliver better patient care.

Dedicated training teams deliver theoretical and practical courses with a focus on:

  • Health and safety
  • Anaesthesia
  • Operating theatre & surgical equipment
  • Physiological monitoring
  • Therapeutic devices
  • Critical care equipment

and many other areas, using real technologies.

Planning and procurement

In keeping your capabilities up-to-date, efficient and effective, our biomedical team can also help plan for the renewal of your biomedical technologies. They can monitor and report on the need and priorities for replacement due to the

  • age of the equipment,
  • compliance with technical and safety standards,
  • ability to handle workloads,
  • availability of innovative technology that could improve your clinical performance, and
  • best value for your investment.

Our dedicated procurement teams have expertise, experience and tools as well as relationships with OEMs and vendors that can help you get the best value on new and innovative equipment.

Disposal and replacement

To ensure your biomedical technology is fit-for-purpose, and your clinical staff are only working with valid, safe, useful, and cost-effective equipment, we apply standardised procedures to evaluate and adjust the expected life cycle of your medical device as appropriate, based on
  • manufacturer’s recommendations,
  • current treatment standards,
  • cost of continued ownership
  • the usage, maintenance and repair record, and
  • safety, quality and functionality of the device.

This activity is closely related to investment planning, so our engineers team aligns with medical staff and hospital  financial management to reach an informed decision on strategic and operational issues.

Safety checks and functional controls

Checking that equipment safety requirements are maintained over time, particularly in relation to device connectivity to the electricity supply.

Safety checks as part of the scheduled maintenance. Includes practical tests to check the quality of the service provided, with subsequent adjustments and calibration.

What you get

  • A single point of contact for the entire technology portfolio
  • Professional skills of highly qualified biomedical and technical staff
  • On-site technical teams for immediate interventions
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Web-based reference database
  • Dedicated supply chain for spare parts and consumables
  • Contact centres for technical support
  • Mobile applications supporting the management of the whole installed base of medical technology
  • Centres of excellence for specific technologies
  • Online real time reporting of device functionality

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