Biomedical services overview

Althea offers a full range of integrated solutions for the repair and maintenance of all biomedical equipment within acute, community or mental health settings. This covers simple biomedical devices to complex critical care systems – from individual assets to a whole hospital portfolio. Biomedical services include the funding of a long-term equipment replacement programme, multi-vendor maintenance services, as well as training courses for clinical engineering teams.

Our biomedical services are provided via a team of field-based engineers or as part of an integrated on-site service. This delivers exceptional flexibility and modularity to meet users’ diverse needs. Althea can partner with or establish on-site clinical engineering teams, including permanent biomedical and technical staff. We also provide certified training courses to in-house clinical engineers to allow them to provide first-line support of biomedical equipment, ultrasounds, anaesthesia and ventilation machines.

Our tailored solutions assure prompt interventions in the event of unplanned repairs, reduce unexpected equipment downtime, and maximise operational productivity. We also operate medical equipment libraries to help standardise equipment types and to optimise resources. Certified calibration and quality-monitoring ensure first-rate performance indicators, to guarantee safe and efficient delivery of maintenance services.

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