Managed Maintenance Services

Our bespoke managed maintenance service for diagnostic imaging equipment provides transparent levels of cover and pricing. Effective maintenance of your diagnostic imaging portfolio is vital for delivering a safe and efficient healthcare facility, and a partnership with Althea offers the peace of mind that you are working with a provider that has experience of managing 1.4 million assets worldwide.

We provide your hospital with a flexible, cost-effective solution that delivers industry-leading uptimes in excess of 99% allowing you to optimise patient outcomes.

Our vendor-neutral approach means that we can maintain all of your diagnostic imaging equipment. We specialise in blended equipment portfolios meaning there is only one phone number for clinicians to call for all assets under management, while maintenance costs are managed in one predictable monthly payment.

Our managed maintenance portfolio service is performance-managed by our UK-based Customer Care Centre, comprising of experienced staff with longstanding relationships with manufacturers and other independent service organisations.

We are one of the UK’s largest buyers of medical equipment and maintenance contracts, and utilises its commercial influence to purchase maintenance effectively – driving both service excellence and cost savings for its customers. Combined with our in-house engineering capabilities we provide customers with unparalleled service resilience and flexibility.

Our managed maintenance service can include all items of diagnostic imaging equipment and associated accessories from any vendor in all clinical locations including mobile trailers.

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