Althea Group is the world’s largest outsourced technology provider to the healthcare sector and provides managed services and outsourced maintenance services in 12 countries. Althea is dedicated to providing solutions that lead to better patient care, cost efficiencies and value maximisation for our healthcare provider clients.

Althea has an outstanding combination of integrated solutions, OEM independence and deep knowledge of healthcare processes that leads to better patient care, cost efficiencies and value maximisation of healthcare providers.

Althea Australia provides consultancy services and offers a unique integrated service for the procurement and project management of medical equipment across the full range of healthcare and diagnostic imaging equipment. Our procurement and project functions are integrals component of our business operations, delivering the best outcomes and benefits for our customers.

We combine clinical expertise, technical excellence and unbiased commercial understanding to help our customers achieve fit for purpose solutions.

Our unique approach and expertise means that we can provide integrated technology solutions that reduce whole-of-life technology costs, whilst improving the quality of the customer’s service.

Key features for Althea Australia include:

Vendor-independence without compromising innovation
Unparalleled governance and quality standards
Value-added partnership and support to develop business cases
Operational efficiencies and significant financial savings
Business intelligence
Single point-of-contact