Sourcing diagnostic imaging equipment is a challenge faced by all healthcare providers. Althea Australia’s procurement processes enables proven significant capital savings and whole of life costs, whilst supporting premium patient care with quality products.

Our procurement service is designed to meet clients’ specific needs and priorities, helping with preliminary planning, identifying and delivering the equipment that suit a specific setting ensuring the highest quality patient care.

As the largest procurement team of privately sourced diagnostic medical equipment in Australia we have solid relationships with all major and emerging manufacturers, ensuring we are free to provide unbiased advice and consultancy.

Althea Australia’s independence and experience allows our customers to select the best technologies from all suppliers. This independence guarantees a selection based on clinical and technical requirements, simultaneously with the optimization of economic and operational value.

Providing high-quality, fit for purpose equipment on a vendor-independent basis is only one element of our procurement service. We can consult and work with your teams to plan and project manage the associated building works, decommissioning/disposal and installation of all related equipment.

Since founding, Althea Australia has advised on and recommended the selection of 350+ items of diagnostic imaging equipment including CT, MRI, SPECT & PET/CT scanners, Mammography, X-ray, Mobile X-ray, Ultrasound, Dental X-ray (CBCT/OPG), Surgical C-arms and Angiography/Cath Labs.

Our commitment is to ensure efficient procurement of customer assets whilst minimising capital and whole-life costs and maximising clinic/hospital investments.

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