Sourcing biomedical and allied healthcare equipment is a challenge faced by all healthcare providers. Althea Australia’s procurement processes enables proven significant capital savings and whole of life costs, whilst supporting premium patient care with quality products.

Althea Australia’s independence and experience allows our customers to select the best technologies from all suppliers. This independence guarantees an unbiased selection based on clinical and technical requirements, simultaneously with the optimization of economic and operational value.

Providing high-quality, fit for purpose equipment on a vendor-independent basis is only one element of our procurement service. We can consult and work with your teams to plan and project manage the associated building works, decommissioning/disposal and installation of all related equipment.

Our commitment is to ensure efficient procurement of customer assets whilst minimising capital and whole-life costs and maximising clinic/hospital investments.


We distinguish ourselves by having an internal planning and implementation team specialized that will work with its services and clinical departments to plan and manage the project, including the installation, operation and training for users of all equipment as well as the necessary renovation and construction work. Coordinated with all stakeholders, our in-house team will develop room plans and facilities that will optimize the patient experience as they safeguard their privacy, dignity and safety. The plans of the rooms are independent of the suppliers, ensuring that the selection of the technology in the future is not limited to a single manufacturer in particular.

Room designs will be vendor-neutral ensuring future technology selection is not restricted to a particular vendor.

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